Maliki’s forces steal and destroy Ashraf residents’ property worth of 9 million dollars

Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 73

Following Nouri al-Maliki’s brutal attack on camp Ashraf and massacre of 34 PMOI members, the forces under his command looted and destroyed Ashraf residents’ properties and belongings which worth more than 9 million dollars.

Among the stolen items are 59 trailers, 57 large tents, 15 big electric generators, 17 big electric transformers, 33 large tanks of camp Ashraf water supply, a large amount of water and electricity equipment, 23 lorries, tankers and trailer trucks, 19 vehicles, 189 air conditioners, 126  electric heaters, 53 sets of computers and printers, many computer accessories, many home appliances such as television sets, widescreen TVs, refrigerators, freezers, carpets, washing machines, tables, chairs and kitchen appliances.

During the attack many of the buildings with more than 24300 square meters of building area that were the residence of many of Ashraf residents were occupied by Iraqi forces, completely destroyed or severely damaged.
In addition many of the infrastructures and public places such as roads, installations, and electric cables, internal telephone system of the camp, Pearl Cemetery (camp Ashraf public cemetery) and its roads were destroyed by Iraqi forces. These installations were built by Ashraf residents during the past 25 years with their own money and human resources.
Looting and destroying properties of Ashraf residents is in violation of many International Conventions and treaties including the Fourth Geneva Convention, International Treaty for Civil and Political Rights which are clear indication of a war crime and crime against humanity.

The Iranian Resistance calls upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations, United Nations Security Council, UNAMI, the special representative of Secretary-General for Iraq, as well as the US Embassy and forces in Iraq to intervene immediately and return the properties of Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
21 April 2011

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