Maliki’s forces’ hindrances in taking a critical patient of Ashraf to hospital

Iraqi suppressive forces under the command of Nouri al-Maliki are making obstructions in taking to hospital one of the patients of Ashraf by the name of Kazem Nematollahi who is suffering from renal insufficiency of both his kidneys and is in urgent need of dialysis. He is in a very critical situation and his life is seriously in danger.

After repeated times that the patient and Ashraf representatives referred to the hospital in Ashraf, which is occupied by the Iraqi armed forces, he was supposed to be taken to Baghdad on March 3, 2011 to go under surgery in a hospital in Baghdad. However, Omar Khalid, the hospital manager, cancelled his trip at the very last moment.

Earlier on 17 January 2010, an Iraqi doctor had prescribed a series of tests for him which were not done because of similar hindrances. In another visit by an Iraqi doctor on 25 January 2010, it turned out that the patient’s kidneys were going to stop working due to delays in his treatment. The doctor instructed for his prompt dialysis. Nevertheless, nothing has been done for him so far and his condition is getting more critical every day. Since November 2010, his medical appointments in Baghdad have been cancelled four times by the Iraqi agents, and in two cases that he managed to go to the hospital, he got no result.
Since foundation of Camp Ashraf in 1986 until when its protection was delivered to the Iraqi forces, the medical issues of the residents were resolved at their own expenses and in their direct relations with Iraq’s medical centers. But, since the beginning of 2009, an inhumane medical siege has been imposed against Ashraf which caused the death of two terminally-ill patients in December 2010.

While reiterating that these systematic medical restrictions are clear examples of war against humanity whose perpetrators are liable to prosecution and punishment, the Iranian Resistance urges the United Nations Secretary General, Secretary General Special Representative for Iraq as well as the US Ambassador to Iraq and the Commander of US forces in Iraq to end this inhumane siege and save the lives of further patients from risk. Free access of Ashraf residents to medical services must be provided.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 4, 2011

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