Maliki wants to suppress Ashraf residents to buy Iranian regime backing, Iraqiya official warns

An official of the Iraqiya bloc, which came first in the parliamentary elections in Iraq in March, has said that aggressions against Camp Ashraf present a case where by striking deals with the Iranian regime the incumbent prime minister Nouri al-Maliki seeks to secure a second term in office.


Jamal al-Karbouli added that Maliki’s attempts to curry favor with the Iranian regime have led him to make members of the main Iranian opposition residing in Camp Ashraf into casualties in order to be able to buy the mullahs’ backing for his second term as prime minister.

Karbouli urged international organizations, especially the United Nations and UNAMI, to comply with their obligations regarding Ashraf residents who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

He added that the US government committed itself in 2004 to protect the residents in exchange for their disarmament.

Another Iraqiya official and a member of the Iraqi Parliament, Aliya Nasif, also criticized the Maliki government for its treatment of Ashraf residents. She told the Iraqi news agency that, “Ashraf residents have a legal status in Iraq and their case is a human rights case.”

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