Maliki “very mad and angry” about Spanish National Court’s order, forms committee to avoid consequences

The Iraqi al-Akhbar News Agency reported on Saturday that: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has recently formed a special committee consisted of his advisers and members of his party to avoid the consequences of the Spanish National Court’s order which is investigating the Iraqi government’s killings at Ashraf.

According to the al-Akhbar News Agency, a source close to Maliki said Maliki’s associates have told him not to take the Court’s decision lightly as it may become a confrontation later.

The source explained that, initially, Maliki had a simplistic approach, but when he learned that this is a serious issue, he got very mad and angry and contacted the lawyers in order to stop the consequences of the court’s order and immediately formed a committee to follow and review the Spanish National Court’s order.

The al-Akhbar News Agency added: The observers say that in any case, the Spanish Court’s writ was a notice of Maliki’s political and ethical demise in the public eyes and in the view of world news media.

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