Maliki puts pressure on Ashraf to appease mullahs, analyst says

A prominent Palestinian journalist and analyst said in an interview with Iraq’s al-Rafedin TV that tightening the siege on Camp Ashraf is part of a policy by the Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to appease the Iranian regime.

In response to the question whether the most recent assault against Ashraf is linked to Maliki’s trip to Tehran, Jahad al-Rantisi said, “In addition to there being a definite link, this is part of Maliki’s policy. Whenever an Iranian regime official visits Iraq, Maliki puts a siege on the camp and suppresses its residents, violating the fundamental rights of these people. And, whenever a senior Iraqi official visits Iran, the Iranian regime applauds Maliki’s actions.”


Nouri al-Maliki “puts pressure on Camp Ashraf whenever he feels the need for support from the Iranian regime. He tries to tighten the siege and uses Iranian leverage in addition to Iraq’s own instruments.”

Mr. al-Rantisi added, “The Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq has a role in the suppression of Ashraf residents. Nouri al-Maliki is serving the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps through his own armed forces by imposing a siege on Camp Ashraf residents who are protected persons under international laws.”

Maliki is traveling to Tehran not to consult with Iranian regime authorities but to gain their support, the Palestinian journalist said. Maliki knows that this is his only political ?capital, he added.

“This was especially sped up after Iraqiya and some parties within the National Alliance and Kurdistan carried out talks to form the next government.”

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