Maliki presents report of April 8 attack and other suppressive measures against Ashraf to Khamenei’s representative

Ashraf military occupation – No. 112

NCRI – According to reports from within the clerical regime, in a meeting on June 4 with Iranian regime’s deputy president Ali Mohammad Saeidloo, Nouri al-Maliki presented a list of his services to the clerical regime, committed against Ashraf residents, so that it could be presented to Khamenei and Ahmadinejad by Saeidloo upon his return to Iran.

For the purpose, some time before Saeidloo’s trip to Iraq, Maliki had ordered Farouq al-Aaraji, director of the armed forces in his office; Mohammed Salman, a security authority in his office; and Ali Yasseri, head of the Ashraf Committee in prime minister’s office, to prepare a detailed report on the crimes committed in the April 8 assault plus other suppressive and inhumane measures against Ashraf residents. In the meeting, Ahmadinejad’s deputy gave Khamenei’s fresh orders to Maliki requesting the intensification of pressures and a further, more extensive massacre against Ashraf.

According to these reports, Maliki promised to brief members of the prime ministry office and the Ashraf Committee on the new directives and to task them to prepare suitable plans to implement regime’s demands in coordination with Iranian regime’s ambassador in Baghdad.

Saeidloo who represented Khamenei in this visit met twice with Maliki. He expressed clerical regime’s anguish of the current deadlock and critical situation of the Iraqi government and the possibility of Maliki’s downfall. He promised clerical regime’s full-hearted support for Maliki adding that it is prepared to keep Maliki in power as U.S. forces leave Iraq and Iran assumes further military and security presence in iraq. He invited Maliki to visit Iran to sign military and security agreements.

Saeidloo’s visit is just one of the numerous visits by Iranian regime’s authorities to Iraq and the innumerable trips of clerical regime’s Iraqi proxies to Iran. Intensifying pressures on Ashraf residents is a permanent objective in these trips. The Iranian Resistance warns of the ominous intentions of these trips and the fresh conspiracies of the Iranian regime against Ashraf residents. It calls on the United Nations and the United States to take on urgent steps for assumption of responsibility to protect Ashraf and for the stationing of a permanent monitoring team from the United Nations in Ashraf.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 8, 2011

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