Maliki moves to “legitimize” Iranian regime’s militia operations in Iraq

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has allowed companies tied to the Iranian regime to carry weapons to protect the regime’s motorcades towards Karbala, according to al-Rafedin TV on Wednesday.

The TV cited the regime’s consulate in Karbala for the report and added that observers see the measure as the Iranian version of Blackwater. The regime’s consul in Karbala was quoted by the TV as saying that special Iranian companies can operate in Karbala.

An analyst at the Iraqi Strategic Review Center in Damascus told al-Rafedin that, “In my opinion, this measure legalizes the activities of militias, the Qods Force and forces tied to Iranian intelligence agents. Such forces previously acted illegally, but the move gives them an official and legal cover on the basis of the regime’s expansionist agenda. Therefore, the Maliki government has revealed its ugly side more than ever before.”

He added that with this measure, Maliki proved his loyalty to the Iranian regime’s agenda. Such measures legitimize the regime’s meddling in Iraq. It give an official identity to militias that formerly acted unofficially on the basis of the regime’s demands, he said.

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