Majority of parliamentarians in Italy call for supporting the Iranian resistance, people’s uprisings, and protection of Ashraf

A majority of the members of Parliament in Italy have called for the protection of Camp Ashraf and support for the Iranian Resistance and the Iranian people’s uprisings. Below is the translated text of the declaration:

• In view of the Iranian people’s extensive nationwide uprisings against the religious fascism and their brave resistance against violence and state repression;

• In view of the widespread arrests, rising political executions, including the execution of family members of the residents of Camp Ashraf, who are the source of the Iranian people’s hopes;

• In view of the siege on Ashraf residents and the continued psychological torture against them using loudspeakers, as well as violent attacks by Iraqi forces and the Iranian regime’s agents against protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, which are examples of war crimes;

• In view of the fact that the Iranian regime is the main obstacle to democracy in the region and is trying to derail the democratic uprisings towards Islamic fundamentalism;

• Since the PMOI is the antithesis of fundamentalism and extremism owing to its belief in a tolerant and democratic Islam

• In view of the third option as proposed by Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is the democratic coalition, for democratic change in Iran by the Iranian people and Resistance,

We call on the Italian government to carry out the following:

• Referring the dossier of suppression and human rights abuses in Iran to the United Nations Security Council for the imposition of effective sanctions against the Iranian regime;

• Convincing the US and the UN to ensure the withdrawal of Iraqi military forces from Ashraf, providing immediate medical help to those wounded in the recent attack, carrying out independent investigations and holding those responsible for the attack to account, providing protection of Ashraf residents, ending the psychological torture and siege on Ashraf and stressing the status of the residents as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention;

• Recognizing the Iranian Resistance against religious fascism and carrying out a dialogue with the NCRI.

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