Majlis refered Ahmadinejad to the Judiciary, Ever-increasing power struggle at the very top of Iranian regime

In an article entitled: “Ahmadinjad is accused of misuse of power” The Wall Street Journal pointed out the crisis at the very top of the Iranian regime and wrote that on Wednesday the Iranian regime’s parliament, or majlis, submitted a complaint against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the judiciary.

He is accused of violating the law because he dismantled the Oil Ministry and appointed himself its caretaker.

This move represents intensifying power struggle between Ahmadinejad and his critics, both the opposition and the conservatives…

The Wall Street Journal added that dismissal of the Oil Minister and dismantling of that ministry was particularly controversial because Iran is one of the largest international oil producers. Iran was expected to preside over OPEC this year; however, when there is no Oil Minister, it is not clear whether or not it can chair OPEC.

On Wednesday, Energy Committee of majlis issued a blunt report saying that by declaring himself as the Oil Minister, Ahmadinejad has hurt Iran’s international standing and credibility. The report accused Ahmadinejad that he issues orders that are harsh examples of illegal misuse of government holdings, The Wall Street Journal wrote.

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