Lord King: I welcome demonstration planned for outside UN-NY against fascist Ahmadinejad

As a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom who has for years strongly supported the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran in their legitimate struggle to bring about regime change in Iran, I very much welcome the demonstration planned for outside the United Nations headquarters in New York against the presence of the mullahs fascist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the world body and in support of democratic change in Iran.


Today we in the West, like the people in Iran, can finally sense a coming end to the Iranian regime’s brutal thirty year fundamentalist rule.

The Iranian nation is ready for democratic change. The United Nations should now support those ideals rather than allow a cruel fascist dictator to attend the General Assembly.

Widespread demonstrations throughout Iran for more than a year have shown the world, were there ever any doubt, that the people of Iran want an end to the entirety of this regime. This is not a question of supporting one faction within this regime against another, but a demand that the
entirety of this regime from the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Khamenei to President Ahmadinejad be replaced with a democratic government chosen by the Iranian people. This is exactly what the NCRI and the PMOI have striving for.

I feel that at this juncture we must make mention of the Iranian regime’s nuclear activities and its continued defiance in this area. Clearly the regime feels that it can hold the world to ransom through continuing full steam ahead with its nuclear weapons program. Well, the policy of appeasement led by the West has done nothing but provide the regime the required time to advance its nuclear weapons program. Years have passed and incentive package after incentive package has failed to bring the mullahs in line with their international duties on the nuclear front.

The time has come for a two?pronged policy. Neither war nor continued failed appeasement, but a firm policy twinned with support for the Iranian opposition movement. This is the “third option” which Mrs Maryam Rajavi, president?elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, has for many years advocated as the solution to the Iranian crisis.

Years have passed and the streets of Iran’s cities have filled with demonstrators, leaving little doubt that at this juncture support for Mrs Rajavi’s “third option” is the single viable option in bringing democracy to the people of Iran and peace and stability to the region.

So I would like to once again fully endorse the aims of the demonstration in New York against Ahmadinejad.

Lord King of West Bromwich

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