Life of Mohsen Khosravani, injured in the April 8th attack on Ashraf, is in danger

Camp Ashraf military Occupation – No. 69

Mohsen Khosravani, one of the Ashraf residents who was injured in the brutal attack of forces under the command of Maliki against Ashraf, is now in critical condition and his life is in danger.

Mohsen Khosravani, 50, is a Physics Engineer from the United States, who has been with the resistance against the religious dictatorship for over three decades. Along with a number of other /Ashraf residents, he was shot by Iraqi repressive forces in Ashraf’s Laleh Square on April 8th. In this attack PMOI member Varqa Soleymani was murdered, and Mohsen Khosravani and a number of other Ashraf residents were injured.  He was shot in the chest and stomach, and five organs of his body suffered serious damages.

He is currently in Baghdad Hospital, and although he has undergone surgery, he condition is not stable and is held in the Intensive Care Unit.

Given the hindrance of Iraqi forces in the access of the injured to adequate medical facilities and specialist, in light of the 2-year inhumane medical blockade, the Iranian Resistance, as it issued a call from the early hours of Friday, April 8th, underscores that the only solution to save the lives of the injured is to transfer them to the US forces’ hospital. Unfortunately, only seven of the injured have been transferred to the US forces’ Balad Hospital, and many others are still in critical conditions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 19, 2011

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