Lebanese channels stop airing Iranian regime documentary on Jesus Christ

Two Lebanese TV stations were forced to stop broadcasting a series about the life of Jesus Christ produced by the Iranian regime.

According to reports, a Lebanese government official has said that protests by the Christian community over the obvious distortions in the series provoked the cancellations.

Bishop Bechara Rai, president of the Episcopal Commission for Mass Media in Lebanon, said Christians had objected to “distorted” events in the series about Christ, according to Reuters.

“We have noticed that the events that we briefly saw in the 17 episodes given to us from the two stations … were fully wrong, or partially wrong or distorted and were inconsistent with the Bible recognised by the Church,” Rai told Reuters.

“It also denies the divinity of Christ…(It shows the person) who was crucified was Judas, and there is no resurrection,” he added.

The two TV channels that cancelled the program are NBN and al-Manar, which is run by the Lebanese Hezbollah.

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