Leaked documents basis of judicial probe into regime role in Iraq: Allawi

Thousands of leaked documents on Wikileaks should form the basis of legal investigations into the Iranian regime’s role in Iraq, as they represent official reports sent to the US government agencies, Ayad Allawi of al-Iraqiya told a newspaper on Wednesday.

In an interview with Assharq Alawsat, the former Iraqi prime minister said the Wikileaks documents on Iraq, which shed light on the destructive and extensive meddling of the Iranian regime in Iraq, are not technically considered legal documents, but “they are important for a fact-finding probe and investigations.”

“They do provide a clear expression of facts … It is true that they do not represent legal evidence, but they constitute a basis for an efficient legal investigation,” he added.

“However, regrettably, no investigation has been initiated concerning the interference of Iran in the Iraqi situation, or the internal situation in the country. Concerning the United States, I do not know whether it has formed investigation commissions or not.”

Allawi added, “Iran strongly meddles in Iraq. Its blatant interference is to the extent that officials in Tehran make comments about Iraq’s political affairs and invite certain parties on the brink of the announcement of election results. They even went further by actually supporting certain people.”

“Iran says that it has set a red line in relation to the al-Iraqiya List and Iyad Allawi,” he was quoted saying, adding that the mullahs are fearful of nationalistic movements regaining control of Iraq.

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