Leaked cables show Iranian regime planned to attack Camp Ashraf with “long-range missiles”

Leaked cables: Maliki revealed Iranian regime wanted to bomb Camp Ashraf.

The Iranian regime has persistently pressed Baghdad to expel more than 3,500 Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, the French daily Le Monde wrote on Sunday. But neither the US nor Arab countries contacted are refusing to accept the refugees.

A cable from the US embassy leaked to WikiLeaks, dated September 24, 2009, says, “Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is requesting to move the People’s Mojahedin to souterhn Iraq – but they are refusing to move. Maliki has revealed that Iran apparently plans to target Camp Ashraf with long-range missiles.”

The AFP also reported, “In another cable dated September 24, 2009, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says that Iran reportedly “envisaged launching long-range missiles” at the Ashraf refugee camp north of Baghdad.”

“Tehran is a “dominant player” in Iraq using “all means of diplomacy, intelligence and economy” to get a pro-Iranian regime there, leaked US diplomatic cables published by Le Monde newspaper Sunday said.”

“Iran is one of the dominant players in Iraqi electoral politics,” US ambassador to Baghdad Christopher Hill wrote on November 13, 2009, according to Le Monde’s translation of the WikiLeaks cable.

AFP reported that Hill said that Iran’s main political obstacle in Iraq remains the dominant authority and the religious credibility of Najaf’s main religious figures.

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