Latvian majority MP’s support Europe plan for protection of Camp Ashraf in Iraq

Statement by Latvian majority MP’s in support of Europe plan for protection of Ashraf

While in the attack on camp Ashraf on April 8th, ordered by the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, at the request of Iranian regime, 36 residents including 8 women were killed and 350 wounded, and while the Iraqi armed forces are in the camp and the inhumane siege of Ashraf continues, Iraqi government prevents high-ranking European parliamentary delegation visiting camp Ashraf.

 On May 10th in Strasbourg, the EU parliament delegation to Iraq, headed by Struan Stevenson, presented a plan to solve the problem of Ashraf. We support the plan and urge the Iraqi government to pave the way for solving this problem by implementing the preconditions of this plan.

We ask the government of Latvia; Mr. Bon Ki-moon, UN Secretary General;  Ms. Navi Pilay, Human Rights High Commissioner; Baroness Ashton, EU High representative; and international community to support EU’s plan for Ashraf protection, and act for realization of the followings:

1. The UN assumes responsibility for protection of Ashraf and implement UN observering mission in the camp with the support of EU and the US;

2. Immediate withdraw of Iraqi forces from camp Ashraf, lift siege of Ashraf, free access to medical services for injured and patience;

3. Appointment of a special UN Security Council Representative to investigate the crime on April 8th and to prosecute those responsible for it.

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