Latest suicide bid in Tehran in protest at regime’s ‘poverty and suppression’

NCRI – An Iranian man has attempted to commit suicide by leaping from a communication’s pole in central Tehran in protest at the corruption and poverty that are rife in the regime.

Crowds gathered and blocked traffic for three hours as the 36-year-old threatened to jump from the pole in Haft-e Tir Square in the solo act of desperation on Tuesday.

The man wearing an overall with the words ‘lies, suppression and poverty’ was eventually talked down by Iranian emergency services.

Poverty, unemployment and corruption in Iran have triggered a massive increase in the suicide rate within the regime.

High profile suicides include a retired oil industry employee who set himself ablaze on February 17 as Hassan Rouhani entered Tehran’s Oil Ministry building
in protest at the appalling living conditions of retired people.

A young street vendor was severed in half when he threw himself under a train at Tehran’s Golbarg metro station in protest at the confiscation of his merchandise by Tehran’s municipal agents.

He had told the agents that if they did not return his goods worth less than three dollars merchandise he would kill himself, but they ignored his request, according to reports.

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