Larijani sounds alarm bells on growing threats for the Iranian regime

The Iranian regime’s parliamentary speaker has admitted that the regime is facing “difficult threats” in comments that echoed growing fears in the regime over recent domestic and regional developments.

Ali Larijani made the unprecedented remarks during a speech in Qom, according to the state-run Mehr news agency on Friday.


“A quick glimpse at the country’s situation shows that we are facing difficult threats and overcoming them requires a period of resistance. We have to avoid making costly statements.”

“Currently, we are being threatened economically, culturally, politically and regionally. The most important of them are economic threats and the West is trying to impose various sanctions to cause drain the system from within and diminish the political influence of the establishment among people.”

Larijani said in thinly veiled remarks that clearly expressed anxiety, “The enemies are targeting the Islamic Republic’s capabilities in the region. A triangle is currently being formed that consist of the three sides of pressuring Iran, pressuring the Lebanese resistance forces and creating a mild atmosphere for the Palestinians to pursue peace talks.”

Referring to expanding conflicts within the clerical regime, Larijani said talk of issues that might encourage discord should be set aside. “Domestically, the enemies are trying to incite divisions among our internal loyal forces in order to achieve their ends.”

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