Large crowd attends burial of latest regime victim in Iran

The body of a young protestor murdered by the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces has been buried in Qaemshahr in northern Iran after a funeral ceremony attended by many of the local residents, according to reports.

Behnoud Ramezani was killed last Tuesday during anti-regime protests by the paramilitary Bassij forces and plainclothes agents after receiving multiple critical blows to his head and body.


His funeral ceremony took place in Qarakheil village in Qaemshahr. A huge picture of him was carried during the procession, and a large poster was also seen at his grave, reading “For what crime?” referring to his brutal killing by the regime’s agents.

A large number of people attended the procession in an expression of solidarity with Mr. Ramezani’s family.
According to reports, Mr. Ramezani’s body bore signs of severe beatings, including bruises. He suffered from severely broken ribs, skull injuries and a badly broken leg, according to reports.

The young protestor’s burial certificate had acknowledged that he died after receiving repeated blows to the head using heavy objects.

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