Kuwaiti parliamentarian calls on UN to monitor situation in Camp Ashraf

A Kuwaiti member of Parliament this week congratulated Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, for the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and expressed solidarity with them.

Dr. Walid Tabtai referred to an inhumane siege imposed by the Iraqi government on Camp Ashraf which restricts the residents’ access to food, fuel and medical treatment, among other things.

He said, “I pray to God that the unjust siege which has been imposed by some Iraqi movements that are doing the Iranian regime’s bidding will end during this holy month. These Iraqi parties are restricting the residents’ freedoms and violating their human rights.”

Dr. Tabtai also said, “The United Nations must monitor the situation in Ashraf in accordance with international law and Article Four of the UN Charter, which relates to the rights of refugees.”

“Ashraf residents have a specific legal status, and on this basis, all the freedom-loving and honorable people of the world must take note of the suffering of Ashraf residents.”

The Kuwaiti lawmaker promised the residents that, “We will continue our struggle to guarantee your rights and achieve the ultimate freedom, which is the return to your country in complete liberty after suffering during all these difficult years.”

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