Kuwaiti daily: “Overthrow of Iranian regime imminent”

Kuwaiti daily Al-Seyassah wrote: “After waiting for opportunities to impose its hegemony on the Arab world in the context of a predetermined plan, the Iranian regime is defeated. Of course, this policy, thanks to millions of dollars paid to its agents in the Arab world, gained minor success. But, the Iranian people – God keep them – and the Iranian youth uprising struck a blow to the heart of this regime’s strategy and completely destroyed it.

 The youth calling for the overthrow of totalitarian regimes, were suppressed…and thus the youth’s strategy is based on elimination of the dictatorial leader who has no heir and cannot surrender to a system of change.

In regards to the regime’s move towards its fall, al-Seyassah wrote: The Shiites recognized that the Iranian regime is pushing them towards a cliff and started to reconsider their views. This resulted in a heavy blow to the regime, because its policies had ended up alienating Arab Shiites, its influence dwindled in those countries, and the process for the overthrowing of Mullahs’ regime started, a process which eventually will destroy rule of the cleric and will break the idols of mullahs.

Al-Seyassah wrote: The Iranian regime received the next blow in Syria, because all the Syrian people rose up against the Syrian President and his old army and intelligence institutions… Therefore, the Iranian regime tries to play its last role in south of Lebanon and set the stage for a civil war, hoping that that will save this regime and its ally, al-Assad.

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