Kuwaiti daily decries Iranian regime meddling in Iraq

The Kuwaiti daily al-Sayassah underlined the destructive meddling of the Iranian regime in Iraq as well as the revelations about the terrorist acts of its proxies, and said, “The revelations about the Iranian regime’s destructive role in Iraq were not only the result of the WikiLeaks documents. They were based on a prevalent knowledge about the realities in Iraq.”

On Monday, the newspaper dismissed the clerical regime’s claims and said, “The regime’s ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Danaifar, knows full well that Tehran has not been able to occupy Iraq despite sending a wave of [agents]. It has not been able to make the establishment of a sister Islamic Republic in Iraq into reality.”

The daily reported to the regime’s decision to accept a ceasefire with Iraq in 1988, and said, “By signing UN resolution 598, the regime was forced to drink the chalice of poison.”

It added, “The only side that benefited from the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was the Iranian regime.”

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