Khatami warns about more protests against the regime

A senior member of the Iranian regime’s Assembly of Experts has once again warned about the continuation of mass uprisings by the Iranian people against the clerical regime, saying, “There are more seditions on the way.”

According to the state-run ISNA news agency on Tuesday, Ahmad Khatami, who is a member of the Presiding Board of the Assembly of Experts, said, “We will never be immune from the enemy’s mischief. Various forms of sedition are being planned and the particular sedition that is behind us must serve as a lesson for confronting future ones.”

Khatami added, “Those who think the plots are not real are sound asleep, which is exactly what the enemy wants. It is strange that those who set off the 1999 sedition [student uprising] were also responsible for the 2009 sedition. … We saw how much the enemy advanced in its aims then to overthrow [the regime].”

“What took place during the 8 months after the [regime’s June 2009 presidential] elections was a plot to overthrow” the regime, Khatami said.

“We have to believe that there is an enemy, and if our guards fail to believe this, then they will allow the enemy into our homes,” he added.

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