Khatami lashes out at secular advocates of Islam

NCRI – In response to widespread popular hatred towards the clerical regime, a senior regime official has warned that interpreting Islam without a role for clerics is an “extremely significant threat.”

Ahmad Khatami, who sits on the regime’s Assembly of Experts presiding board, said, “The threat underscored by the [mullahs’ Supreme Leader] in his recent trip to Qom was that the enemies are pursuing a two-pronged approach, which consists of promoting an Islam without a role for clerics as well as a secular Islam.”

Khatami also implicitly pointed to the waning role of the regime’s Supreme Leader among clerics and said, “Today, the enemies are going after religious scholars and tell them so many lies in the hopes of bringing the religious scholar to adopt a neutral position … Next, the enemies provide false information and provoke the individual, who will then find himself in the midst of the anti-revolutionary camp.”

“This is the enemies’ plots and the clerics must be vigilant and avoid diverting from the right path through their close associates. … Divisions among clerics will lead to people distancing themselves from the clerics, which in the end will alienate people from religion.”

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