Khamenei visits Qom for third time

The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader has traveled to the city of Qom for the third time.

According to state-run news agencies, Ali Khamenei visited Qom Saturday night and met with mullahs Javadi Amoli and Shabiri Zanjani.

After his first failed visit to the religious city, fraught with public embarrassments and failures, Khamenei decided to travel there for the second time last week and met with Makarem Shirazi and Nouri Hamedani.

Despite numerous attempts by Khamenei and brokering by the regime’s officials, including relatives of some religious authorities, to meet with the embattled regime leader, some religious authorities or “marja-e taqlids” refused to meet with Khamenei, whose hegemony has been increasingly waning since the 2009 popular protests.

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