Khamenei pleads with factions to avoid publicizing feuds

As the Iranian new year began, the regime’s Supreme Leader acknowledged deep schisms within his regime, calling on factions to refrain from publicizing their feuds.

According to the state-run news agency Fars, while speaking in Mashhad, the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said, “One of the major plans of the enemies has been to create schisms and discord inside the country under the pretext of ethnicity, religion and political orientations and factions.”

He called on the regime’s factions to “avoid voicing complaints against each other publicly because this would harm national unity. I strongly stress and warn officials of the country in this regard.”

Also, reacting to US President Barack Obama’s new year message to the Iranian people, Khamenei said, “The US President has said he supports the Iranian nation, adding that the people who gathered in Azadi Square are similar to those who demonstrated in Tahrir Square. Yes, they are both similar because they chant Death to America.”

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