Khamenei orders Maliki to expedite implementation of mutual agreement in suppressing Ashraf

The Iranian regime, on the verge of the Student Day and the anniversary of students’ uprising of December 7, has found export of crisis to Iraq and intensifying suppression of Ashraf as its only way out of the mounting internal, regional and international pressures surrounding it.

Ali Khamenei, mulalhs’ Supreme Leader, through Saied Jalili, has ordered Maliki that in return for Iranian regime’s support for his premiership, Maliki should, in the fastest way possible; implement the “mutual agreement” to expel PMOI from Ashraf and Iraq. Khamenei on February 28, 2009, publicly confirmed this mutual agreement.

Khamenei’s hysterical orders to Maliki for intensifying the suppression of Ashraf, shows the dire need of his regime to foment crisis. In particular, Maliki has been tasked to report to the Iranian ambassador in Iraq, until week’s end, his appraisal of what he could do against Ashraf. Hassan Danaifar, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq and a well-known commander in the terrorist Qods Force, directly supervises and commands all measures against Ashraf. He firmly believes that the wave of explosions in Baghdad and the suppression of Ashraf are instrumental in imposing the Iranian regime’s rule on Iraq and in destroying Iraq’s “nationalist project” and power sharing. He has been ordered by Khamenei to prevent at all cost the formation of a National Council for Strategic Policies which would have real and adequate authority.

It does seem that the clerical regime, in the wake of its nuclear quagmire and the consequences of its transgression of Security Council resolutions; its utter disgrace due to its series of crimes and meddling in Iraq as disclosed by the WikiLeaks; and in its reaction to extensive international support for Ashraf and defense of its residents’ rights (European Parliament’s resolution of November 25, declaration of 5,000 French mayors, launching of an international committee in support of Ashraf at the British Parliament, and vehement objections in the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing against the violation of Ashraf residents’ rights, in particular the inhumane treatment of Ashraf patients); has found no alternative but to raise further havoc in its private hunting ground (Iraq).

The Iranian Resistance draws urgent attention of the Security Council, the United Nations Secretary General, representative of the United Nations Secretary General in Iraq, the U.S. government, the U.S. embassy and the command of U.S. forces in Iraq, in addition to the European Parliament and nationalist Iraqi political forces and factions to the ominous and dangerous policy of fomenting crisis and catastrophe in Iraq by the Khamenei-Maliki duet. This situation necessitates the assumption of Ashraf protection by the United Nations and the United States forces.

Concurrently, to prepare the ground for these criminal objectives, yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, November 30), the battalion tasked to suppress Ashraf under the command of Maliki’s office, at the presence of Nafe al-Issa, a contact of the Ashraf Suppression Committee in Iraqi Prime Ministry, set up a large tent with the capacity for 200 persons in the southern flank of Ashraf near the trailers of MOIS agents already there. Three million dinars, for the tent, the expenses for setting it up, and the transfer of the agents was directly paid by the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad.

Nafe al-Issa, a well-known instrument of the clerical regime’s embassy in Baghdad, is in direct contact with MOIS representative Haji Ali Navidi and Falah Sheibani, an Iraqi employee of the Iranian regime’s embassy. On many occasions, he has gone to Iran at the invitation of the MOIS and he receives a salary from an MOIS affiliated association called Habilian. He has been tasked to form a committee called “the committee to support protesting families at Ashraf’s entrance”.  He, under the order of the Iranian regime’s embassy, has set up a sham institution in the city of Tikrit called “Rafedin Institute for Strategic Studies” to give him an intellectual pose as he offers his services to the terrorist Qods Force and the MOIS.

Among his services was gathering of a handful of paid agents as residents of Salaheddin at Ashraf’s entrance gate on October 4 together with a number of dispatched reporters from the Iranian regime’s embassy. On September 5, in order to justify Ashraf’s siege and the obstruction of the entry of essential goods and services, this agent told the IRGC news agency (Fars) that “through purchase of food stuff, PMOI members assist Iraqi government’s opposition”!

Three weeks ago, Nafe al-Issa met with Danaifar, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq, in Baghdad to coordinate subsequent measures against the PMOI; in this same meeting he received money and some pistachios and Gaz (an Iranian sweet) for his services. Danaifar has established this agents’ contact with someone called Abu Davoud, an old terrorist from the Qods Force who in the past has worked for many years in the intelligence section of IRGC’s Ghayur garrison in Ahwaz.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 1, 2010

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