Khamenei orders assassination of atomic weapons experts distancing from the regime

Through a series of false and contradictory reports, the regime prevents the motives of these murders to be revealed

Following the murder of two scientists involved in the nuclear weapons program on Monday morning, November 29, the Iranian regime has been trying to conceal the reasons and motives behind the assassinations by publishing series of fabricated and contradictory reports. This shows that the assassinations were pre-planned.

While the mullahs’ prosecutor and the head of the security forces in Tehran stress that “no suspect has been arrested and no one has claimed responsibility for the incident,” Fars news agency affiliated with the IRGC spoke of an “attack against two university professors by PMOI.” Immediately after, it published “correction” and “complementary” reports saying that “the United States and the Zionist regime” were the perpetrators of these attacks. Ahmadinejad’s office blamed the attacks on “Zionist terrorists and supporters of Arrogance” and linked them to “recent remarks by the British Intelligence (MI6) chief about the recruitment of spies and the new statement of position by the European Parliament on the need to remove anti-Iranian terrorist groups from the U.S. blacklist.” The Interior minister blamed “CIA” and “Mossad” for the assassination. The official website Shabakeh-Khabar wrote that the attacks occurred after the failure of “America and the Zionist regime to sabotage the peaceful nuclear program by the virus Stuxnet.”

There was a similar situation after the assassination in the same way near his home of Massoud Ali Mohammadi, another atomic expert. After a spate of contradictory statements and preposterous schemes, the regime quickly handed over the case to oblivion and no one ever heard of the murderers!

Khamenei had earlier ordered an IRGC special force to eliminate any one involved in the nuclear weapons program that showed slightest sign of discord and distancing from the regime and blame the PMOI or agents of the United States or Israel for the killing. This order should apply with even greater severity to those whose name were revealed by PMOI or appear in the sanctions resolution.

The role of Shahriari and Abbassi in the nuclear weapons project has been repeatedly revealed by the Iranian Resistance. IRGC Brigadier General Sajedi-Nia, commanding the security forces, said that the Ministry of Defense was in charge of the protection of these two individuals (Mehr news agency, November 29). This shows that they worked in the nuclear weapons project, conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence.

Moreover, exasperated and disappointed by the European Parliament declaration in support of Camp Ashraf, Iraq, the clerical regime thinks that it will be able to neutralize its impact by running a campaign of misinformation, like blaming the PMOI with hijacking planes or killing nuclear experts. The EP declaration calls on the EU to urge the United States to remove PMOI from its terrorist list and calls the UN to protect Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 30, 2010

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