Jordanian MP: After Spanish National Court’s writ, Maliki not qualified to remain Prime Minister

Mahmoud al-Kharabsheh, a member of Jordanian Parliament said that the recent Spanish National Court’s decree which summons the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other Iraqi officials is a victory for the rights of Camp Ashraf residents and for the humanitarian cause, al-Malaf website reported on July 23.

In his statements to al-Malaf Net, al-Kharabsheh said that when a court issues such an order for a Prime Minister and some officers who are responsible for murdering and injuring civilians protected under international laws and international humanitarian laws, that is a victory for justice.

Indicating that Iraqi government is the accused party in Ashraf issue, al-Kharabsheh said Maliki is not qualified to be Iraq’s Prime Minister because after the Spanish National Court’s order, he is placed alongside those who committed war crimes and  murdered and injured many refugees at Ashraf.

Al-Kharabsheh stressed that: “The Spanish National Court is a fair court, issuing its verdicts independently and based on the facts, reason and evidence that it has in its possession.”

He added: “The Spanish National Court neither has any linkage to Maliki nor to Camp Ashraf or others; but its relations are based on the humanitarian cause which is spoken about widely throughout the world,” al-Malaf reported.

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