Joint letter of more than 3000 Liberty residents to UN Secretary General and Members of Security Council

Kobler’s falsifications at Security Council provide excuse for another massacre

• By appointing an impartial representative, do not allow the fourth massacre to occur in the name of United Nations

In a letter addressed to UN Secretary-General and Members of the UN Security Council about blatant distortion of facts in Kobler’s report to UNSC on 21 March 2013, more than 3,000 residents of Liberty, while highlighting the possibility of another attack on Liberty, wrote: Regarding security in Liberty, Kobler simply repeats and advertises promises made by the Government of Iraq.

“This is while without the assistance of Government of Iraq, the attack on Camp Liberty would not have been possible. Mr. Kobler and the Government of Iraq have transferred us to a prison … while it lacks the least provisions for security. The conditions of the camp, including its compactness and its dilapidated unshielded containers have turned Liberty into a killing field for the residents. However, nowhere in his report did Mr. Kobler note residents’ urgent security needs such as returning of the T-walls, transfer of their protective helmets and vests and medical equipment from Ashraf, permission for necessary constructions, and an increase of camp’s area; all of which are opposed by the Iraqi government.”
Kobler’s message is, in brief, to order Ashraf residents to rush to Liberty killing field, and to order Liberty residents to forget security issue and get back to business as usual and await the next attack. This is while according to the UNHCR instructions as stipulated in its 2011 Manual, in case of an attack on the camp, “If the host government is unable or unwilling to provide adequate security and cannot guarantee the safety and welfare of persons of concern, consider the merits of relocating the camp or settlement population.”
In order to divert attentions from security, Kobler recommends the residents to go after the issue of property, but of course in the very context that the Government of Iraq and Kobler have assigned. Moreover, he wants to complete the project of expropriation of residents and stealing their property by the GOI. In response to this deception, the residents announced again they would not enter “this gruesome trap”.
The residents’ letter adds, “Instead of protesting at GOI for preventing residents to transfer their medical equipment from Ashraf to Liberty, and instead of protesting at brutal medical siege that has already led to the death of 12 Ashraf and Liberty residents, the latest of whom passed away in the Iraqi clinic as recently as 12 March 2013, Kobler is washing GOI’s hand and mockingly calls us to cooperate with this government when it comes to the medical treatment. This Iraqi clinic consists of some worn-out containers without any basic equipment for emergency resuscitation operation, something that Iraqi physicians have acknowledged repeatedly.”
While enumerating Kobler’s lies, including about Refugee Status Determination (RSD) interviews and that the camp leadership “prevents residents who wish to leave the camp from doing so”, the residents wrote in their letter to UN Secretary-General and Security Council: by these repulsive lies he is preparing excuse for another carnage and massacre. These lies are said while over 2000 residents have been numerously interviewed privately and confidentially outside the camp plus the fact that all residents are within meters from the Iraqi police and UNHCR employees. Concerning RSD interviews, “Even after the missile attack which targeted our collective security, anyone who wished so has gone for the interviews without any hindrance and UNHCR employees know this as a fact.”
They added, “Having aggressive behavior against UN monitors is another blatant lie to distort our protests and those of our lawyers and the International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) against employing one of Kobler’s agents for conveying the messages of Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry agents to some residents. In many cases when we asked UNAMI employees of why they have such peculiar behavior, they said their measures are based on Kobler’s instructions, despite their reluctance to be engaged in such shameful measures.” Residents added, “Time and again, we have requested that camp’s gate be opened to lawyers, parliamentarians and reporters so that the world would learn of the crime against humanity in Liberty that Martin Kobler is constantly trying to cover up, but even our legal lawyers, including Senator Torricelli and Professor Schneebaum who had come here from the United States, were not allowed into the camp.”
On February 9, Following the missile attack on Liberty, the NCRI statement no. 16 declared, “The past 15 months of meetings and negotiations with Kobler has resulted in more restriction and suppression on the residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty and the continuation of such meetings is fruitless.” 
The NCRI statement on March 5 quoted Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, emphasizing that until the end of international inquiry and trial of criminals, any meeting or dialogue with Kobler and response to his letters would be irrelevant as they would only serve to set the stage and facilitate future massacres in Liberty and Ashraf.
Referring to the report of International Committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ) that has asked for the trial of Kobler at a fair tribunal for “sending 3,100 refugees to Liberty prison and the February 9 massacre”, and by making reference to Dr. Boumedra’s testimony at the U.S. Congress, UK Parliament and UN Headquarters in Geneva, the residents asked the Secretary-General and Security Council that, “by sacking Kobler and appointing an impartial representative in relation with Ashraf and Liberty”, not to allow “the fourth massacre to occur in Liberty or Ashraf in the name of the United Nations. ”
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 25, 2013 




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