Jannati: Ashura protests aimed to overthrow regime

Massive anti-regime rallies on the religious day of Ashura on December 27, 2009, had nothing to do with the regime’s presidential elections and everything to do with trying to uproot the theocracy, a senior regime cleric said during the mullahs’ Friday prayers sermon in Tehran.

Mullah Jannati’s comments were aired by the state-run TV.

The regime’s channel 1 said, “The leader of the Friday prayers in Tehran referred to the Ashura 2009 incident and described it as an unforgettable event. Some of those who were angry at the establishment, Islam, the Imam, and the Supreme Leader, thought that the stage is set and introduced the idea of overthrowing the establishment, but this sedition was defused thanks to the alertness of His Excellency the Supreme Leader.”

Jannati said, “There were some who did not believe the leader when he said that the issue is not the elections or any other peripheral matter. It is not even the leader, but the enture establishment and Islam.”

He added, “This was the common goal of Bahais, the Monafeqin [the regime’s pejorative term for the main opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran] and other deceived parties. All those against Islam, against the establishment and against the revolution participated in it. The main concern was to overthrow, meaning the issue was to oppose Islam. But, God brought them to shame in the end.”

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