Italian senators express support for democratic change in Iran

NCRI – Leading Italian senators have expressed their disgust at ongoing human rights violations in Iran and the danger faced by dissidents in Camp Liberty.

A statement issued by a majority of the Italian Senate said it gave its full support for the ten-point plan for regime change in Iran by Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian resistance.

The statement said: “We express our repulsion at the systematic violation of human rights in Iran which continues in spite of the international condemnations.

“We are also concerned at the Iranian regime’s secret nuclear program and its terrorist meddling in the region and across the world.

“The people of Iran and the international community demand democratic change in Iran in 2013. To establish this goal, we support the 10-point plan offered by the president elect Mrs Maryam Rajavi and demand our government the same.

“We also call on our government and the UN Secretary General to refer Iran’s human rights dossier to the United Nations Security Council and call for prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes in Iran.”

The document, signed by two deputy presidents, four committee chairman and two deputy ministers, also called for Liberty residents to be returned to the safety of Camp Ashraf.

It said: “We are also greatly concerned about the security of the Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty in Iraq. This camp was attacked by 40 rockets on February 9, leaving 8 dead and more than 100 injured. They face further similar tragedies at any moment.

“Therefore, we demand that the UNHCR immediately return them to Ashraf, their 26 year home, which is safer as it is 80 times larger than the half-kilometre square Camp Liberty. They could then be transferred to third countries from there.”

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