Italian mayor supports Ashraf residents, particularly 1,000 women

The mayor of the Italian city Pinasca has expressed support for the residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraq, and especially the 1,000 female residents.

Igor Alessandro Bonino dedicated a ceremony in the honor of Italian resistance against fascism to 1,000 women in Ashraf and the Iranian Resistance, saying, “They are fighting a cruel dictatorship for the liberation of their country.”

He added, “Although they have been subjected to criminal attacks, but they have proven to be the symbols of resistance and resilience for democracy in their country. I call on the international community to intervene to protect them and provide security for them.”

Pinasca’s chair of cultural affairs, Carla Reymondo, said, “The struggle of Iranian women for democracy starts with 1,000 brave women in Ashraf and expands to the streets of Iran. It brings the women of Iran to the forefront of street protests against the ruling dictatorship.”

She added that the women of Ashraf are “symbols of resistance for Iranian women, and the world is responsible for protecting such human beings.”

“We are witnessing crime against humanity in the time of peace and democracy, and we see the trampling of international law in the case of Ashraf,” she added.

“The resistance of our women is intertwined with the resistance of Ashraf women for the overthrow of dictatorship and establishment of peace and democracy in Iran.”

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