Issues Third Iranian regime IRGC member killed in Iraq

NCRI – A third member of the Iranian regime Revolutionary Guard has been killed in fighting in the Iraqi city of Samera, the Iranian state-run media has reported.

Kamal Shirkhani was killed on Saturday in recent fighting with Iraqi militants.

Iranian pilot Colonel Shoja’at Alamdari Mourjani was also killed last week following reports from the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies that Iranian Su-25 fighter jets had arrived in Iraq to provide air support for Iraq’s fight against Sunni militants.

IISS analysts said serial numbers on the Russian-built aircraft from Iran, seen on a video produced by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, correspond with numbers known to be part of the Iranian regime’s air force.

Meanwhile, a citizen of Pakistan who was killed in Iraq was buried last week in Iranian city of Qum. Javid Hossein was leaving in Qum before being dispatched to Iraq by IRGC.

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