Islamic scholars of Najaf and Qum call on independent religious leaders to raise their voices against Iranian regime’s widespread crimes

The al-Arabia Television reported on July 23rd that in an open letter, a group of seminary scholars in the cities of Najaf and Qum called on independent religious leaders for breaking their silence vis-à-vis the crimes and the injustice perpetrated by the Iranian regime and asked them to protest regime’s insult to Islam and the historic leaders of Islam.

Al-Arabia said that the Seminary Scholars Society of Najaf and Qum wrote to religious leaders, including Ayatollah Sistani, that: The so-called Islamic Republic, has for many years during its rule in Iran, perpetrated widespread crimes in following Khomeini’s words that “saving the regime is the highest religious duty”.

 As part of its records, this regime has engaged in acts such as arresting independent religious leaders, attributing lies to historic Islamic leaders, usurping the country’s resources, heinous murder of its opponents, imprisonment of political and social activists, all kinds of tortures against prisoners, dispatching suppressive forces to countries such as Syria, and many other crimes and atrocities.

Al-Arabia added that the scholars who wrote this letter indicated that with such horrible crimes, the Iranian regime, although has named itself Islamic and Shiite, but in reality is outside of the realm of Islam and Shi’a and hence one cannot remain silent in view of the crimes that this regime commits under the name of Islam.

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