IRGC warns PMOI (MEK) is organizing anti-regime protests in Iran

NCRI – The state-run Fars news agency affiliated with the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp has warned that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is involved in organizing anti-regime protests in the country.

Fars reported on Sunday: “The PMOI has created a campaign in the social media regarding the issue of transfer of Karoon river water in Khuzestan province, to create ethnic conflict” in Iran.

The report adds: “Recently, as part of this campaign , some 400 people gathered at Kianpars public park on the banks of Karoon river , in the province of Khuzestan,” in the southwest of the country.

In recent weeks, thousands of residents of Khuzestan , particularly women and youth, have repeatedly formed human chains in protest against the mullahs’ plans for transfer of part of the water of Karoon river to other regions in central Iran.

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