IRGC officer Naqdi: 7,000 new Bassij bases will be built

A special budget has been allocated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards paramilitary forces, the Bassij, in fear of the rising protests against the clerical regime.

The head of the Bassij Organization for the Oppressed, Mohammad-Reza Naqdi, announced on Thursday that credit for Bassij bases have had a 100 percent increase.

In a speech addressing Bassij commanders, he said such a budget will allow the suppressive force to increase its bases by 7,000.

Naqdi explained that this year for this first time the regime’s Parliament (Majlis) has approved a bill allocating one percent of provincial infrastructure budgets to the building of new Bassij bases.

Naqdi also said, “We have to increase our members to 20 million.”

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