IRGC conducts “Confronting Urban Protest Gatherings” maneuvers

Mullahs fear Iranian people’s wrath exploding

Terrified of the Iranian people’s wrath exploding, the mullahs’ regime dispatched herds of the so-called “Imam Ali” battalions consisting of Bassij paramilitary motorcyclists into the streets of Tehran, under the pretext of the “Confronting Urban Protest Gatherings Maneuvers.”

These battalions “have been organized to carry out security objectives, including confronting seditions such as the 2009 sedition and various other spectrums,” the Revolutionary Guards-affiliated FARS news agency wrote.

“Confronting various social issues has its positive and negative consequences,” IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said in response to the Iranian people’s increasing hatred towards IRGC members. “The nature of threats is changing, and this is up to the IRGC and Bassij forces to coordinate their ranks accordingly, and to understand the threats that will endanger the future of the revolution.” (FARS news agency – 7 October 2011)
Dispatching groups of Bassij paramilitary members into the streets simultaneous with the rising number of executions that exceeds 100 in September alone, highlights the regime’s fear of downfall. With an increasing internal power struggle, a surge in uprisings in Arabic countries and the regime’s regional front collapsing, the overthrow of the Iranian regime is in fact in the prospect more than ever before.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 9, 2011

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