Iraq’s national tribal council condemns mullahs’ plots against Ashraf

The Iraqi National Tribal Council has condemned the desperate measures jointly carried out by the Iranian regime and the current Iraqi government against the residents of Camp Ashraf.

The secretariat of the council in Diyala issued a statement condemning the regime’s embassy’s desperate ploy in front of Camp Ashraf in the name of “Diyala residents.”

The statement refers to the clerical regime’s attempts to collect its agents in front of the camp’s main gate and says, “Sheikh Abdol-Jabbar al-Ma’amouri, a resident of Khalis, who spent 27 years in Iran and receives money from the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, carried out this plan by the Iranian regime.”

“He went to Iran 2 months ago to receive the required instructions and received the necessary funding. Another individual, Nafe Isa al-Tamimi, who works for the Iranian regime’s intelligence services, has been instructed by the regime’s embassy in Iraq to pay some individuals from Salahuddin and take them to Ashraf’s gates to provide a subject for Iranian media and pave the way for disinformation and massacre of the refugees.”

“Ashraf residents have been in our province for more than 25 years. They are the symbols of friendship and respect for the people of Iran and Iraq. We condemn any attempts or plots against them in the name of the residents of Diyala and demand an end to the actions of suspicious elements by the local government,” the statement said.

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