Iraq’s Mutlak: More crimes to be revealed after ousting of Maliki government

A senior official of the Iraqiya political bloc said in an interview this week in reaction to the recently publicized documents by Wikileaks that as long as the current Iraqi government remains in power, there will not be any changes. “Such reports about crimes will be revealed much more extensively when this government is removed,” Dr. Saleh Mutlak said.

In response to a question about freedom of expression in Iraq, Dr. Mutlak said if people freely express their opinion “they will be imprisoned. I have personally seen many who were brutally tortured but later released from prison because they had done nothing wrong.”

Referring to the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq and its attempts to obstruct the formation of a nationalistic government in Baghdad, Dr. Mutlak said, “Elections took place and Iraqiya won the most votes. So, it had the legal opportunity to form a government. But, the Iranian regime blocked the path of Iraqiya to form a government.”

“Maliki wants to stay in this post in order to cover up his crimes. These crimes will not be revealed as long as this government stays in power.
They will not be revealed unless a fair and non-sectarian government obtains power in Iraq and shows the people how their lives would change in a democracy.”

Dr. Mutlak added, “But, currently there is no real democracy in Iraq because the Iranian regime is extensively involved in the country’s affairs. And, the world has closed its eyes to what is transpiring in Iraq.”

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