Iraq’s al-Maliki reinforces repressive forces in Camp Ashraf by armored units

Camp Ashraf military occupation – No. 4

In a move to intensify the repressive measures against Camp Ashraf residents, Nouri al-Maliki who owes his second term in office to the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has ordered the Iraqi Army’s Ninth Division to remain in Camp Ashraf against scheduled plan to leave the camp.

A battalion of the Fifth Division of Iraqi Army (Division stationed in Diyala Province) went to Ashraf few days ago to replace the forces of Ninth Division, according to the Battalion’s Chief of Operations. (Agence France Press, 3 April 2011). The battalion of the Ninth Division had played a major role in July 2009 violent attack against Ashraf residents.

As the force had loaded its equipments and was ready to move out, it was reinstated to the camp by al-Maliki and through the intervention of the Iranian regime’s embassy and Qods terrorist force.

Thus, in addition to the battalion of Ninth Division, a mechanized battalion Fifth Division equipped with armored vehicles, including BMP-1 armored personnel carriers and Humvees are stationed in Ashraf. A number of commanders of the battalion of Ninth Division have been charged with crimes against the international community by the  Central Investigative Court of Spain.

The Iranian Resistance reiterates that the clerical regime ruling in Iran which is unable to deal with the public hatred and discontent, sees its survival in intensifying the repression against residents of Ashraf.

The Iranian resistance calls on the United Nations Secretary General,   his Special Representative to Iraq, the US embassy and the commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq to act upon their responsibilities in terms of preventing a new humanitarian tragedy in Iraq and protection of Camp Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 5, 2011

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