Iraqiya spokesman calls for an end to Iranian regime meddling in Iraq

The spokesman for the Iraqiya bloc, which won the March elections in Iraq, has ?emphasized that the solution to Iraq’s problems is to prevent the Iranian regime’s ?meddling in the country’s affairs.?

In an interview with al-Sharqiya TV, Heydar Molla, said, “We are faced with two ?alternatives today [in Iraq]: Either implement the Iranian regime’s designs or stand against ?it along with our people and end the regime’s meddling in our country.”?

In what has been described as powerful stance, Mr. Molla added, “All the suffering that ?we’ve experienced over the past 7 years stems from the Iranian regime’s meddling. The ?Americans have also said in their talks with all political factions that Washington wants ?an end to the regime’s interference in the next government.”?

?“That is why Iraqiya is saying that we refuse to participate in any government headed by ??[current prime minister] Nouri Maliki. He is the designated candidate of the Iranian ?regime.”?

He added, “Iraqiya has sent a clear message to Tehran, Jeddah, Ankara, and Damascus. It ?will base its ties with Baghdad’s neighbors on the principle of respect for sovereignty and ?lack of involvement in Iraq’s internal affairs. It will not be implementing the Iranian ?regime’s orders as has been the case with the current government.”?

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