Iraqiya official rebukes Iranian regime FM remarks

NCRI – A senior figure of the al-Iraqiya list, which won the March parliamentary elections in Iraq, said in a statement this week that he condemns the provocative recent remarks of the Iranian regime’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, describing the comments as an instance of the regime’s meddling in Iraqi affairs.

Dr. Zafer al-Ani, a senior figure in Iraqiya and Secretary General of the National Future grouping, called on Iraqi forces and personalities to condemn the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq.

“The shameful and irresponsible comments of the Tehran regime’s Foreign Minister were not at all surprising for us, both in terms of their support for a government led by Nouri al-Maliki and also because they blamed Iraqi forces for recent bombings in Iraq without mentioning any names. It is clear that he meant Iraqiya.”

Dr. al-Ani said such comments revealed the extent of the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq and its attempts to influence the formation of the new government in Baghdad.

“The regime is supporting one side against another on this issue [in Iraq]. It is imperative for such an approach to be condemned by all forces, and political, parliamentarian and government figures, because it is a flagrant violation of the principle of peaceful co-existence and is an attempt to meddle in Iraqi affairs.”

“It is amazing that security organs and official channels have exercised silence when it comes to such comments, something that is utterly shameful.”

He added that, in addition to the recently revealed WikiLeaks files, the Iranian regime’s role in crimes in Iraq have been internationally documented. “Therefore, such deceptive comments [by Mottaki] are only meant to divert attention from the Iranian regime and its proxies.”

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