Iraqiya figure says new body can curb Iranian regime influence in Iraq

A senior leader in the al-Iraqiya coalition has said in an interview that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq has hurt the country’s sovereignty, but there are ways to curb the regime’s influence.

Dr. Saleh Mutlak, who is also the Secretary General of the National Iraqi Movement, told Assharq al-Awsat daily, “Currently, the Iranian regime’s meddling has harmed Iraqi independence and sovereignty … But, with the support of Iraqis opposed to the regime’s meddling in Iraq, and through the National Strategic Policy Council, we can curb the extensive meddling.”

Speaking about the new National Strategic Policy Council, which is to be headed by Iraqiya’s leader Ayad Allawi, Dr. Mutlak said, “We are looking to have an influential and powerful institution which can act as a political counterbalance in decision making.”

Dr. Mutlak added that Mr. Allawi is not prepared to head an organ with little executive powers.

Concerning the coalition’s participation in the cabinet, he said, “Iraqiya will head 10 to 12 ministries, including the foreign and defense ministries. This will be determined after meetings between Iraqiya leaders and other factions.”


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