Iraqiya calls for investigations into crimes revealed by Wikileaks documents

The main political block that finished first in Iraq’s parliamentary elections in March has called for suspending the government of outgoing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as well as trying those responsible for crimes revealed last week by documents made public on Wikileaks website.

Al-Iraqiya, which is considered to be Iraq’s nationalistic alternative, also emphasized the imperative of taking serious and appropriate steps against the Iranian regime. It also urged the Iraqi Bar Association to launch investigations to hold all those who have committed crimes against the Iraqi people both before or after 2003 accountable for their actions.


According to al-Baghdadiya TV, Iraqiya said in a statement, “The ruling of the Iraqi federal court on Sunday ordering the parliament to hold a session is to distract public opinion from the aftershocks of documents revealed by Wikileaks.”

At a news conference, Iraqiya officials also condemned crimes committed in Iraqi prisons and requested impartial and fair international investigations.

The grouping’s spokesman, Heydar Molla, told journalists, “Iraqiya rejects any investigations into the matter by the Maliki government itself because the henchmen cannot act as the judge, too.”

Molla added, “We call on the Iraqi foreign ministry to adopt serious and appropriate decisions with respect to the meddling of the Iranian regime and others in Iraqi affairs. The ministry has to hold those who have committed crimes accountable.”

Another official of Iraqiya, Mohammad Salman al-Tai, said, “The office of prime minister Maliki is the office that has been accused, which means that an impartial international investigation has to take ?place regarding these crimes.”

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