Iraqis condemn Maliki government’s assault on Camp Ashraf

Iraqi national figures, legal associations and tribal leaders have warned against Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki’s pressures against Camp Ashraf residents, describing the measures as a way to preserve power on the brink of a visit to Tehran.

A senior leader in the Iraqiya bloc, Dr. Saleh Mutlak, described the intensification of pressures against Camp Ashraf as “appalling and inhumane,” adding that they are meant to be a deposit for Maliki’s visit to Tehran.


In an interview with Malaph news agency, Dr. Mutlak added, “In every visit, whether by Iranian regime officials to Iraq or by Iraqi officials to Tehran, the issue of laying a siege on Ashraf is brought up.”

He expressed shock at Maliki’s treatment of Ashraf residents and said the residents are the guests of the Iraqi people and it is not characteristic of Arabs and Iraqis to abuse their guests. Dr. Mutlak called for the protection of the residents.

The Ahrar Gathering of Iraq also denounced the new plots of the Iraqi government against Ashraf. A leader of the grouping, Qahtan al-Saeedi, said in a press report, “We, at Ahrar, condemn the plots against Ashraf because the residents are guests of the Iraqi people and protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

“The Iranian regime’s meddling is dangerous because it has infiltrated all agencies in Baghdad.”

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