Iraqi writer condemns Iranian regime’s violations of Iraqi sovereignty

Safi Yaseri, an Iraqi intellectual and author, has written in an article that the Iranian regime exercises extensive influence in Iraq and harms the country’s sovereignty.

“While Tehran orders [Iraqi] government forces to carry out its instructions and murder opponents of the regime on Iraqi soil, what kind of sovereignty can there really be in Iraq?”

These forces use loudspeakers around Camp Ashraf, where 3,400 opponents of the Iranian regime reside in Iraq, threatening them with murder, looting and arson, Mr. Safi added.

They have turned Camp Ashraf into a prison for the Iranian regime and are not even allowing terminally ill patients to visit hospitals outside the camp, the author noted.

“The black turbaned crows of Tehran are violating Iraq’s sovereignty with every passing day. Isn’t the most clear example of this the fact that [the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei has to approve the appointment of Iraq’s head of government?”

“If the Iraqi government was alive and had an independent Iraqi identity, how could a brazen individual like [the mullahs’ Foreign Minister Manouchehr] Mottaki dare to speak in such a way that indicates Iraqis should surrender to the will of the black turbaned crows in Tehran?”

“So what kind of sovereignty is there? If you ask Iraqis they will say, yes, we would like the international community to intervene.”

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