Iraqi VP’s spokesperson supports European Parliament solution on Ashraf

The media spokesman for the Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi has said that the European Parliament’s proposed solution for the residents of Camp Ashraf is an appropriate, just and humanitarian option that respects international and human rights laws.

According to the Iraqi news agency, Abdol elah Kazem said Iraqi nationalist forces are in agreement with this solution and have supported humanitarian result. “We oppose any displacement of the residents of Ashraf to another location in Iraq,” he added.

 Separately, a member of the al-Iraqiya faction in the Iraqi Parliament said, “The European Parliament’s proposal is both a logical and humanitarian proposal. Ashraf residents are subjected to numerous challenges and must be fully supported.”

“Resolving this situation is important for the residents of Ashraf because they are subjected to a medical and food siege. Depriving the residents of Camp Ashraf of food and medical services is a flagrant mistake because it taints Iraq’s image.”

Adnan Danbous, another Iraqiya member, also said, “Protecting Ashraf residents at this time is an imperative.

Protection must be complete. In addition, they must be provided especially with medical services, drugs and food. These are the criteria of respecting human rights.”

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