Iraqi Shiite group in London urges UNSC to prevent Iranian regime meddling in Iraq

Iraq’s Jaafari Shiite Delegation released a statement from London on Tuesday, denouncing the Iranian regime’s involvement in Iraqi affairs and calling on the United Nations Security Council to interfere in order to end Iranian influence, according Malaf Net.

In parts of the statement, the delegation stated, “The Iranian regime is using all its powers to oppose the formation of a government headed by leaders of al-Iraqiya,” referring to a coalition that won majority votes in March’s parliamentary election in Iraq.

The statement went on to say, “al-Iraqiya has the popular and legal mandate [to form a government], and the Jaafari Shiite delegation believes that the people of Iraq have a serious need for the involvement of the UN Security Council on the basis of Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which allows the Security Council to interfere in Iraq’s domestic affairs in times of security or political crises. This can free the people of Iraq from the Iranian regime’s elements.”

The group added that it believes talk about government formation without the involvement of the UN Security Council would be fruitless.

“In the context of the domestic equation,” the group added, “the interference of the UN Security Council is preferable to the increasing hegemony of the Iranian regime over Iraq’s future and that regime’s plans to impose obstacles on the path of a formation of a new government.”

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