Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for protection of Camp Ashraf by UN and US forces

A prominent Shiite cleric in Iraq has released a statement condemning pressures ?exerted on Camp Ashraf residents, members of the main Iranian opposition, which have ?intensified simultaneous with Nouri al-Maliki’s visit to Tehran.?

, who is also the chairman of the Ahrar association, said in the statement ?published on Ahrar’s official website that the Iraqi government’s measures against Ashraf ??“are an insult to all of those in Iraq who want an independent government that rejects ?worthless deals.”?


Mr. Jamaluddin added, “We clearly announce that the only solution for preventing these ?pressures (against Ashraf) is the intervention of the United Nations and the establishment ?of a permanent UN monitoring team in Ashraf in coordination with American forces.”?

The Shiite cleric also called for the protection of Ashraf residents in the context of ?international law and the Geneva Conventions, and demanded the lifting of the Iraqi ?government’s siege on Ashraf.?

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