Iraqi religious leader condemns attack on Liberty by Maliki government

Friday’s mass demonstration in the restive city of Faluja against the Baghdad government, featured a strongly worded condemnation of a recent terrorist attack on Camp Liberty, home to 3100 Iranian dissidents, by a grand Iraqi religious leader, Sheikh Abdolmalek Al Saadi, local Iraqi Al-Tagheer TV reported. The religious leader expressed his outrage against the wave of terror and executions by the Iraqi government against Iraqis and also condemned the recent criminal rocket attack on Camp Liberty were members of Iran’s opposition PMOI/MEK currently reside.



Iraq has recently increased repressive measures by its security forces against opponents. The religious leader said, ”Camp Liberty residents are guests of the Iraqi people,” and slammed Maliki’s government for the attack.

Sheikh Al Saadi who lives in exile in Jordan, had recently met with Martin Kobler, UN representative in Iraq, during which he criticized the comments of Mr. Kobler denigrating the demands of Iraqi demonstrators.

The local Iraqi Al-Sharqiya TV reported on Tuesday (January 22, 2013) that Sheikh Abdul-Malik al-Saadi who received Martin Kobler in Amman, Jordan, said: “It is not hidden to anyone about what is going on in Iraq today. The current Iraqi government is a puppet of the Iranian regime  and acts based on the desires of  the Iranian regime and is implementing that regime’s plans in Iraq… the US has handed over Iraq to Iran on a silver platter. The same Iran that has instigated divisions in Iraq by a sectarian rule.”

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